Always, Forward Motion

by Slow To Speak

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The debut EP, "Always, Forward Motion" from Slow To Speak.


released November 11, 2014

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Slow To Speak.
Saxophone on "Giants" performed by Trevor Mick.
Mixed, mastered, and engineered by Steve Perrino of SP Productions.



all rights reserved


Slow To Speak Cleveland, Ohio

A group of friends seeking to deliver heartfelt music that appeals to wide range of audiences while ultimately writing to express the inner workings of their minds.

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Track Name: A Man's Word
You kept it all to yourself
Every emotion
You've broken this home now a vessel that carries no guilt
For the lives that you've stolen
Of family and friends who've beared your mistakes through the years
And now we have chosen
To abandon your cause, it's gone on too long
You were a mannequin clothed in lies
I swore your voice wouldn't lead me down this time

You taught me to stand as a man
On my own two feet again
Now you're on your knees and breaking
Scared to admit the promises you failed to keep.

I wish this wasn't how things ended
A shell of the man that you taught me to be
There you lay bruised and bloodied
Never to know what true love really means

You lied, cheated, disguised
Your albatross heart
Your hollow, dead eyes.

You stole my last breath
I hope that it makes you better in the end.
Track Name: Vitals
Cover your face
Cover your shame
From the onlookers' eyes
They know what you hide.

Lock me up inside this cage
Haven't seen the sun in several days
Keeping tabs on my pace
What a shame how our love has lost the way

You keep me locked inside your castle where the view stays the same
I can't believe with each passing day
You get away with the crimes you commit every day.

Oh, wanderer your soul is mine for the taking.
Oh, vagabond your words have brought on this ending.

You crept inside with ideas from your heart
You're enjoying every second, I've been dying from the start
Every minute moving faster and we couldn't seem to stop
But I was gasping for forever playing every part
They say love will last forever, so what was given up
If we can't see past or remember what it was.

You're fighting battles where the war's already lost
You're climbing ladders where the rungs are falling off
This won't hold together even though you'll already be lost
One chance at forever, now that you had it it's gone.
Track Name: All Good Things
Breathe in and feel the light.
Forcing waves of heat inside.
It's a passion, a flame that burns alive.
Illuminations grow until it's time to let it go.

An ember remains, the softest light.
Peeking through the ash of what once was.
With every glow I see the shadows of a passing life
They beg to be relieved and scream for second chance.

They say "know what you hold dearly.
Know that it won't last.
So wake up and live life."

If all good things must end, I'll make sure
not to regret, not to forget, not to overlook them.
Look back on all the things in life that I love.
And cherish every memory.

Look back on the things that we made.

We never got things right,
there was always something missing.
And though the heart was there, it just was never enough
without the spark to get things started.
So don't look back, don't look back.
Go and chase your dreams with everything you have.
And save yourself the weight of wondering what was lost.

Keep in mind the grace you're given.
Keep in mind the life you're living.

If all good things must end, I'll make sure
I'll make sure.

If all good things must end, I'll make sure
not to regret, not to forget, not to overlook them.
Look back on all the things in life that I love.
And cherish every memory.

Look back on the things that we made.
Track Name: Hollow Eyes
We all have demons we keep locked away
Out of sight and out of mind where they can't touch us.
Night after night we feel their hollow eyes
Peeking through cracks they find behind closed doors.

Such an easy thing to say, "I never would, I never could"
But after so much time averting eyes it's hard to see things clear.
So let the skin fall off to see what lies beneath
And let regrets fade away.
We'll see what's left of these

Demons we keep locked away
Out of sight and out of mind where they can't touch us.
Night after night we feel their hollow eyes
Sink into our minds where dreams just will not come.

I used to think of myself as a shameful person
a fickle friend and even worse a lover
but when I put the space between my pride and all of my regrets,
It's not mistakes that make us shameful, but the lack of will to change.

If we can't change our past, we'll make a better future.

We've made mistakes.
We've passed our mark.
We're overdue,
but we can still make it through.
Track Name: Giants
Erase it all and start again
Another outline seeking color to fulfill and bring to life
These empty lines that we have drawn
But until now we never had the means to finish what we started

Now we see everything
That all this time was right before our eyes
And all we had to do was bring it to the light

If we have seen anything more
Than those who've come before us
It's not without a guiding hand
That we have persevered
And our eyes would endlessly observe
The images, serene
Captured in glass, stained in our eyes
Forever we see

For just a moment,
Drop all of your pride
And see the ones who raised you up
Who raised you up so high
We built this empire not alone
With the strength of those who helped carry the weight
Though our legs can only journey so far,
Our voices carry on

And on, and on, and on

Now that we've seen what life can offer us from such great heights
Our eager eyes indulge
Our only fear we have to carry here inside our minds
Is ever looking down

I'm scared of the fall
I'm scared after all
This weight is hanging over me
I can't stop the pressure from building on top of me
On top of me

Track Name: Always, Forward Motion
Its what you've always wanted
The roots inside your organs
The air inside your chest
The road lays where you heart is.

The life you've always wanted will slowly pass you by the more you sleep
So gather all your courage, move forward through the wind and the trees
The wait was always worth it for beauty that you never could perceive
Don't let the views of others stop you from fulfilling all your dreams

Don't hold your breath
It never got you anywhere
Let out regrets

As the sun warms the air around you
And the Earth's axis spins for anew
The trees bend their arms to the sky
I swear I've never been so alive
As the air finds its way out my lungs
A chorus of sound from above
The cracks of my feet watch the waves
Of the pavement that marks out way

I'm feeling constrained
I've never felt content in one place
And the wind softly whispers my name
I feel it's current calling me away
And home is a place thats never held one name
And I long for the day when I feel the ocean's breath on my face

(Go west young man)
The horizon line is beckoning as current pulls you out further to sea
(Go west young man)
The waves will pull you further than your eyes could ever see
(Go west young man)
The sun will bring you balance and turn your spark inside into a flame
(Go west young man)
The wind is always rushing and secretly forcing your way

Go west young man.